How Do Solar Electricity Systems Work?

November 7, 2017 Posted by kyu7

A Solar Electricity System consists of silicon wafers which are laminated under a non – reflective glass in solar panels that collect photons from the sun and turn it into DC electrical power. An inverter then converts and transforms the DC electrical power into AC usable electrical power. That is the simple answer to how do Solar Electricity Systems work but there are so much more interesting elements to the Solar Electricity Systems, the mare subject of the matter may produce a few inquires.


Albert Einstein concluded that photons are light in small pockets of energy that are the combination of particles and waves that come from the sun. While our society may know how to manipulate energy it is fortunate that the sun works regardless if we understand fully the physics of it or not. The natural ray of the sun is a main contributor to how a Solar Energy System works. The sun’s energy increases the vibrations of the molecules which are experienced as heat.


The DC voltage that emanates from the sun represents the rate at which energy is converted from electrical energy to some other form of electricity. The intensity of a DC voltage is determined by the power voltage of electrical current. The usable AC power is often referred to as the power factor which its purpose is to be used to determine the voltage and current of the DC voltage.


The inverter used to transform the DC energy to the AC energy is to replace and conserve power that is flowing through the energy grid. The inverter converts ad synchronizes the energy waves so that the needs of the consumer are met.


Solar panels are a group of cells used to convert light into energy. The panels harness daylight and process absorbing electrons from the sun. When the silicon is heated by the sun the electrons in the sun are absorbed by the silicon and this becomes DC energy.


There are two different types of Solar Electricity Systems available that is the bill reduction and blackout protection. The bill reduction system will provide limited electricity if the grid fails. The blackout protection is a system that incorporates batteries that ensure the stability of electricity that is available to you.


The most economical benefit from how do Solar Energy Systems work for us is it protects you from future rate increases from your electricity provider. This system also allows for you to fix your rate for the next 30 years. The Solar Electricity Systems currently available are designed to lower if not eliminate your electric bill all together. The Solar Electronic Systems often referred to as the Photovoltaic Systems, have been circulating for 30 years now. Testing experts have deemed the system to last 40-42 years. The Solar Electricity Systems is a great option if you choose to economize and take a natural approach to your energy usage that can be supplied through the resources of the earth.

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